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If you could afford to refurnish just one room in your house/apartment, which one would it be?

Gold-Apolo Logo  Furniture factory Gold-Apolo started production activity in 1999 after five-year experience in the retail of home furnishing. 

   During the period 1999-2004 four separate productions have been started and developed successfully:

  •  Production of flat-pack furniture /melamine-faced chipboard/

  •  Production of mattresses 

  •  Production of upholstery products 

  •  Production of Bonnell type spring units.

   Today, furniture factory Gold-Apolo is among the leading producers in the country and has its own production and administrative site of 13 000 sqm. Our main activities are focused on development, production and sale of competitive products through building long-term and correct business relations with our customers and suppliers. 

   We reach our goals through constant investment in modern, technological production and stock equipment, increase in production capacity, development of our cargo transportation unit, increasing the qualification of our production and administrative personnel. 

   We constantly maintain the quality of our products and service and deliveries to our customers. This is done through continuous development of our inner-production control, tests of the ready products, providing qualified specialists in the production, administrative and logistics departments.

   Furniture factory Gold-Apolo is a dynamic developing company that has been proven through the years as a reliable partner capable of ensuring long-term business relations and development for its customers. 

   Every present or future customer can count on us as a reliable and long-standing partner.

   Since 2009 Gold-Apolo Ltd. has been certified in compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements and up to now successfully maintains the certificate. 

   The company has been granted a license for operating international cargo transportation, issued by the Ministry of transport and maintains the activity through different by type and load capacity vehicles.  

   In Bulgaria, our trade net includes more that 150 retailers that offer the company's products in more than 300 showrooms 

   Abroad, the company has business relations with retailers in Romania, North Macedonia, Greece and Italy. 

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