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Spring units Bonell type Print

The spring unit is the base that supports your body during sleep. There are five inputs that influence the comfort, support and endurance of a mattress: the springs’ number and shape, the used wire size, the coils’ number in each spring and the springs’ alignment. The end product is a result of all these inputs interaction.

Bonnell type spring unit

The furniture factory Gold-Apolo Bonnell type spring unit is made of double-swiveled cone springs. We produce them from steel wire with 2 mm gauge using Swiss technology and machinery. The strengthening of the spring unit is provided by a flat metal frame. For additional strength the margin rows are made of specially reinforced springs. The springs are connected through helical wire so they can form the spring unit. The Swiss technology connection ensures quite independent movement of each spring providing anatomic quality of the mattress. The height of the unit may vary between 90mm and 160mm. The spring units are also used in the production of upholstered furniture. They are being used as a base for the seating part of sofas, arm-chairs and extendable beds. The production technology allows the manufacturing of spring units with a great variety of sizes – standard and custom-made.

Gold-Apolo spring units have five years guarantee. Our customers are leading manufacturers of mattresses and upholstered furniture in Bulgaria.


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